How To Select Hot Rap Beats and R&B Beats

Published: 10th June 2011
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Are you a singer or musician? Itís tough to be big in the music business now days. You need to be someone that can stand out in the sea of music artist and rapper that are trying to break into the music industry. How is this achieved? Itís done with hype verses that flow and great hit-quality beats. Do you need r&b beats but not sure what to lease with so many choices? Read this post to learn the SECRETS to downloading HOT hip-hop beats, r&b beats, pop beats and rap beats and instrumentals. Whether you lease Soundclick beats or beats from local producers donít sleep on this info!

This is the first article in a series of tips on how to work at being a full-time independent urban music artist. My hope is that I can help out some of the new musicians and artists start their urban music career off properly! If you understand the tips in this blog, youíll be a huge step in front of your competitors! Most artists never think about this stuff!

Q1: How do I choose the proper R&B beats or pop instrumentals to make a HIT song?

A: This is a topic that could be dissected for weeks. Making a hot song is not as easy as it seems when you turn on the radio. There are some commonly used structures involved for both production (tracks, etc.) and songwriting (lyrics, hooks, etc). These really vary depending on the type of tracks you create (hip-hop vs. R&B vs. Pop). It is very useful to Google "songwriting" and educate yoursel on everything you can about the process. Invest time in yourself - this is your career!

The best place you can start right now is by listening to the radio or BET (even if you donít like it) and studying the type of music that gets played often. Also check out sites like HipHopDX, and World Star HipHop. Listen to whatís on line and pay attention to how many views each type of track gets. Listen for the types of reggae instrumentals all the big artists choose, how they structure their tracks and how they write their songs. Next, when youíre browsing through r&b instrumentals to purchase online choose beats that you feel are the same to the most popular tracks youíve researched. But be careful. Itís important not to be a copy-cat. People will notice if you sounds like a copy-cat. Purchase instrumentals that are similar to things you hear on the radio, but have their own twist. Remember, you want to strive to do whatíll be hot tomorrow, not whatís hot today.

Some other things to think about when you are ready to buy rap instrumentals include the beatís length - stay under four minutes at the absolute maximum. Make sure your pop beats get into the chorus quickly (no long drawn out introductions), and make sure the beats you license are dynamic, and evolving (changes over time). Follow those guidelines and all the beats and instrumentals you choose for your single, album or mixtape will have hit-potential!

Hope this was helpful!

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